Are you looking for someone who can understand your vision for your business, translate that vision into a brand and get it online in a way that attracts your ideal clients?

Stop looking, you just found me!

Want to know the secret to growing your business even if you have no technical, marketing or digital experience?



I already know you’re on fire with your business idea.  Perhaps you already have a business and you’re looking for astronomical growth.  Or, you have a business idea that you want to launch and make it a success from day one.

You want to achieve big things.  You want to feel excited about your brand, your business and you want your dream lifestyle to be a reality.

You are brilliant at what you do, much more than you think.  But, you’re just not sure how to find your perfect paying clients, build a tribe that adores you, and monetize your idea…

You’ve invested in marketing gurus before – perhaps you have a collection of information products, downloads from webinars and freebies from workshops… but you still know there is more.

It’s time to #BEBRAVE and get to work.

I want you to stop being afraid of failing, of not being good enough, of what people will think, of being overwhelmed, stressed or out of your depth.

It’s your time to step up and make your business a success.

The fact that you’re here right now, reading this means you’re ready.  You’ve been called to make a big change in your life and make an impact on the world.

Nothing’s a fluke.  This is meant to be and you’re here for a reason.


I’ll help you craft your foundations so they are solid, create a brand that has all the sparkle you need, and then find your tribe and grow, grow, grow…

Whatever has been holding you back… it’s time to shake it off.  I’ll help you find your voice, tap into your dream goals and create a business that sustains you now and into the future.

Life’s too short to wait for the “right time.”  Now is your time.


It starts right here.  It starts now.

Book a time to speak with me today.

Business Bravery is the launch-pad for BRILLIANT businesses.  

So much more than simple brand strategy or website design or publicity.  Business Bravery is the home of #bebrave entrepreneurs, business owners who are on fire and incredible success stories from all over the world.  We hold your hand through the development of your offer, pricing and launch strategy, create the foundations for your business to grow by creating you a deeply resonating brand, website and social media platform, and then astronomically grow your tribe through our publicity, social media and sales funnels management.

You don’t need 15 gurus and marketing courses anymore – you’ve found us – the one-stop marketing, sales and growth platform for entrepreneurs.  It’s your time to #bebrave in business and start your massive success.


Creating a brand that attracts the right clients effortlessly takes more than just a cute logo and pretty colors. We design a brand around your business goals, your unique position in the market and ensure that it resonates, engages and converts.

Website Design

Creating a high converting website that reflects your brand, engages and nurtures your perfect clients and grows your marketshare is key to business success.  Building you a complete online business with all the trimmings is our specialty.

Media & Press

Get your name out there!  The Business Bravery team are specialists at media management and growing your name as a thought leader in your industry.  We’ll work with you to create a media and press strategy that elevates your brand and delivers a big message.

social media

Bringing your brand to your social media is a must.  Control the messaging, grow your audience and elevate your business with Business Bravery.  Our team will create and execute a social media strategy that rocks your brand.


Take your marketing strategy to the next level with the Business Bravery team on your side.  We will work with you to craft a strategy that talks directly to your target audience, and be by your side to ensure you are the center of attention.


You’ve got a great website, now you need to lead your audience through a process that nurtures and converts them to paying clients.  Via lead magnets, webinars, and marketing automation, it’s time to boost your marketing to the next level.

Dr. Malaika Woods, e3 Method, Dr Woods Wellness

It has been my great pleasure to work with Kathryn. She has brought a rare combination of technical savvy, business acumen and heart-centered attention to my business vision. I am so grateful to have met her and feel so fortunate to have her on my team. If you are thinking about utilizing Kathryn’s services, it’s a no-brainer!
She has exceeded all of my expectations and I have no doubt she’ll do the same for you!

Stuart McFarland, eWAY

The marketing strategies conceived and executed by Kathryn were an essential foundation to achievement of massive customer growth. The result was the successful sale of eWAY to Global Payments.

As the leader of multiple successful business, Kathryn creates sustainable top line growth by focusing on developing long lived, high performing teams.

Kathryn creates an environment where people can thrive and deliver repeatable results year after year.

Lizzie Wagner, International Fashion Stylist & CEO Modelling Agency

I have had the great pleasure of working with Kathryn over many years. In particular, her accumulation of experience and success as a business strategist has been outstanding.  Kathryn is a very successful international business entrepreneur as well as a coach. It all makes perfect sense for you to put your business in the hands of Kathryn. There is no other with this type of experience, creative flair nor marketing expertise. Her business acumen is impeccable. She will ensure your business is seamless and world class.