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Kathryn is chatting with Pamela Sommers on this episode of the Business Bravery Show. Pamela is the best selling author of Life Lessons From a 40 Something and Building Castles in The Sky: How To Make Your Dreams Come True. She is also the founder of SommerSparkle, an award-winning online boutique that specializes in providing a selection of beautiful jewelry & accessories for special occasions.

Pamela tells us about the gardening accident that was the catalyst for starting her online jewelry company, the processes she went through to get noticed, and the rollercoaster ride it became. She also talks about why she decided to start writing books, her advice for anyone thinking about writing but is scared and what is next in her exciting journey.

Pamela has had a ton of success and she has done it all with guts and determination. She started the jewelry business to help people feel unique and celebrate special moments. Writing a book was her way to share advice and lessons that could help a young person growing up, she wanted to empower young people with low self-esteem.

Listen in to this inspiring conversion with an amazing woman that is passionate about helping people be the best they can be and empowering them to go for their dreams. She is living proof that dreams do come true. If you have ideas that you are afraid to make a reality, you need to listen to this episode.

LISTEN: be bold, be beautiful, be you, entrepreneur


[01:15] Welcome to the show, Pamela!
[01:25] Pamela talks about her background and how she got where she is now.
[03:52] When you started your online jewelry business, what was the process you used to get it out there?
[08:05] They discuss the drive to get their businesses off the ground and learning on the fly.
[11:40] Pamela speaks about the tribe she had around her and how they stood behind her when she felt alone.
[13:37] What inspired you to write your first book? Did you have a calling to do it?
[16:47] Pamela advises anyone who is thinking of writing a book and is scared to try.
[18:30] Set yourself a deadline and make it a hard line so that you get it finished.
[20:01] Use technology to help you, write down your thoughts and ideas. Just Do It!
[21:00] What’s the next big thing on your agenda?
[21:45] Pamela’s final words of wisdom.
[22:11] Thank you, Pamela, for your time today.

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