Designing Your Business

Meaghan Young, JewelrY DESIGNER & Business Coach

Welcome to episode 10 of The Business Bravery Show, Kathryn is speaking with Meaghan Young from Crested Butte, Colorado. Meaghan is a jewelry designer, silversmith instructor, and business mentor. She helps artists become entrepreneurs in her Artisan Business School with her program and mastermind, Sexy, Savvy, Badass.

With Kathryn as her mentor along with her fifteen years of experience building and managing businesses, she has the skills to provide the knowledge, confidence, and expertise that her students need to create their own successful businesses.

Meaghan discusses her journey to where she is now, selling her first piece jewelry, starting her school, and her mastermind course. She speaks about the mistakes she made when starting her business and how she shares the ups and downs with her students so that they won’t have the same challenges. Meaghan also gives us her insight into how to test your sellable products without spending money.

Listen to this amazing businesswoman who wants to help other entrepreneurs navigate the rocky road to business with minimal setbacks. She believes that if you want to do something, do it; there is nothing stopping you from doing what you feel passionate about.

LISTEN: designing your business


[01:17] Hello Meaghan, welcome to the show!
[01:55] Meaghan shares a little about herself and the journey to where she is today.
[03:40] What did you do after selling your first pieces of jewelry?
[05:11] She speaks about starting her school and what she teaches there and.
[07:38] What is the next step in your journey? What do you see in your future?
[10:38] Meaghan tells us about the mistakes she made when starting her business and what she doesn’t want other artisans to have to go through.
[14:53] What are some small things that people can do to get started that will not cost them a bunch of money?
[17:15] She chats about using Facebook to test and validate your sellable products and get feedback.
[20:08] What do you love most about the people you are working with?
[21:33] Meaghan discusses how she makes her business work around her lifestyle and how she teaches that to her students.
[24:04] She talks about what she loves most about what she has accomplished.
[26:17] When being in a mastermind, you have to be open to learning, listening, and hearing.
[27:30] What does the trajectory for the next five years look like? What do you want to do?
[30:12] Meaghan tells us why she does what she does and what she wants her legacy to be.

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