Finding Your Exit Strategy

Susan Lustenberger, author, speaker, medium

In this episode of The Business Bravery Show, Kathryn is chatting with Susan Lustenberger. Susan is an author, speaker, medium, and acts as the Chief Intuitive Officer to business owners and high-level executives worldwide. Through her mediumship, Susan has guided thousands of clients in creating happiness, success, and whole life prosperity through infusing spirituality and intuition in their businesses.

Susan speaks to us about being an intuitive and allowing the universe to unfold gifts on her, and when she moved to Northern California that manifested itself in, jobs, and opportunities. Before she knew it, she was being brought into companies like Apple working with executives, growing her brand, and creating passive income generators.

In 2016 her book ‘The Spiritual Practices of Creating Income’ was published to help entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and solopreneurs to see and a business that is the embodiment of what success looks like for them. It has become a game-changer in creating success for thousands.

Listen to this amazing woman who is passionate about getting people to the path of happiness and helping them feel empowered to reach for success. She believes that you must start with an exit strategy and work up from there so that you will always know where you are going.



[01:29] Welcome to the show, Susan!
[01:30] Susan tells us a little about herself and what drives her.
[03:31] She speaks about her journey and where she started.
[07:14] Susan talks about her exit strategy from what was causing her stress.
[08:38] Have you ever created an exit strategy?
[11:14] How did you end up working with the big-name companies and executives?
[14:29] Susan felt compelled to help everyone when she first started but realized that it wasn’t possible.
[18:40] What does it feel like when you connect with your ideal client and help them transform?
[22:22] She gives us her thought process when she built her exit strategy.
[26:42] What are you looking forward too in the next few years?
[27:48] She discusses Bohemia Ranch and her plans going forward.
[28:38] Thank you so much, Susan, for being generous of your time today.

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