Working with Business Bravery is a life changing experience.  Seriously.  Just read and watch the case studies here and share in the wonderful results of our global list of clients.

If you are hunting around to find someone to help you set up your business and launch it, stop looking and work with Kathryn. I can’t imagine anyone ever being disappointed by what she manages to pull off.

Christiane Fullalove

The Pioneer Project


Amy Grace Collins, Masterbrides

Kathryn stops and listens and finds out where your business is. She finds out where the gaps are. She helps you button up those things. And that allows you to go to the three x instead of just like assuming you have great clients and everyone’s so great that they can charge that. She backs it up.  My income is so much higher now – because of the work we have done together.

Amy Grace Collins


If you’re serious about making a real difference in the business that you have… If you’re serious in how you want to grow it and make it into what you dream it can be… and you want someone along the way with you, to experience that journey as well, I think Kathryn’s a great person to be on that journey with you.

Michelle Harrison

Michelle Harrison Empowerment Coaching



If you feel like you haven’t found the right person and you’ve wasted all this money doing other things, well Kathryn definitely is your lady. I actually sent her a message the other day with a little fairy godmother, and she’s got her wand and she helps everyone turn their dreams, and hopes, and desires into a reality. So definitely the best thing you’ll ever do is work with her.

Leanne Sheargold

My Sacred Contract

When I first started working with Kathryn she got it immediately. She was enthusiastic. She absolutely understood the nuances of everything that I discussed. There was no hesitation or explanation in explaining a particular business model or type of idea. Better still, she was able to level up. So, I am based in Australia and I have a view of the Australian wedding market. She was instantly able to see opportunities there for me in the US wedding market and the UK wedding market, which I previously never even thought of.

Naomi Korolew

Pop Up Wedding Collective + Legals Only Weddings


eddie babbage, timeline genius

I feel like I just have this incredibly positive, warm, kind, experienced person who’s just guiding us down the growth path. I don’t really want to think about what our venture would look like without Kathryn.  God’s honest truth, she’s freaking amazing.

Eddie Babbage

Timeline Genius

What makes Kathryn stand out is her investment back in you. When you invest in something like this, it’s usually one sided, right?  It’s not at all that way here.  I feel like she is so invested in me as a client.  She really wants this for me.

Jo Huang

F the Filter



Kathryn sees your vision even before you see it.  And because of her experience in taking people to their full potential, she knows it’s possible and just instils that confidence and belief in me.  Any business I do, I would really want to do it with Kathryn.

Katy Peters

Global Vaccination & Travel Health Expert

Through working with Kathryn, I was able to really refine & retune my programme. My clients now getting just such amazing results, amazing transformation with those changes.

Aadhya Devi

Spiritual Healer

Aadhya Devi, Spiritual Healer


I’m very passionate and I have a lot of ambition, but at that particular time my drive and my ambition was flat. In the first call, Kathryn just came in and picked me right up and inspired me, and reignited that fire, and I just haven’t stopped since.

Meaghan Young

Meaghan Young Jewelry & Crested Butte Jewelry

I was not where I wanted to be before I met Kathryn, and I can absolutely say that I am so far down that road right now. Way further than I could’ve ever done on my own because I didn’t know what I didn’t know and, and the things I did know, a lot of times I didn’t know how to do them.  She was my guide, my mentor towards my goals.

Samar Hattar

Blissful Events

Samar Hattar, Blissful Events


Since Kathryn and I started working together my business has changed just drastically.  I’m now charging double, triple the amount I was charging before, my branding is on point and I’m attracting my ideal clients.

Kristeen LaBrot

Kristeen LaBrot Events

I actually found Kathryn and brought her into my life when I realized all of a sudden that I was way out of my depth with where my business was going. I needed direction. I needed a captain for the ship, someone to help me find which shore I was looking for. She did that amazingly. My business has thrived.

Sherri Collis

Creations by Collis

Sherri Collis, Creations by Collis


I feel I have somebody alongside me in my business helping me go where I believe I can go. And she also believes I can go. So the fact that she can see what I want to do, and she actually has faith in what I want to do, and believes, “Yes, this is where you want to go. And I feel absolutely you can go there.”

Karlene Hibbert

Onyx Digital Marketing

Kathryn really helped me take a step back and simplify things so it doesn’t have to be hard.  The way that I was delivering the message was complicated, because I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I now have new tools and new sales funnels that we have been testing out and being able to tap into her resources and being able to understand things in a different manner helps me better plan for my future.

Angela Proffitt

Luxury Consultant

Angela Proffitt, Luxury Consultant

Christine Opperman, CoCare Consulting

The product that Kathryn creates is amazing. It’s really professional. So far every person that looks at our website, that has looked at our programs was really stunned by the professional look. What she has created for us allows us to really stand out.  I’m so excited.

Christine Opperman

CoCare Consulting

With Business Bravery, I have that external support for my business, on a larger scale to grow.  With Kathryn’s support, my business has constantly grown.  She helps develop me, my team and my business all at once.

Debbie Marks

Qube Events & Event Hire UK

Debbie Marks, Qube Events & Event Hire UK


My business was doing fine. There was enough to make a nice living.  But I wanted to make a difference and provide a service that is outstanding. I wasn’t anywhere near that goal, so I needed someone to help me set on that path. Kathryn understood that and knew how to make me think much bigger.  She’s even involved in my next business now.  There’s much more to come!

Nicola Meniccaci

Yellow Shoes Tours, NYC

You barely met me less than 4 months ago and you have created a website that I could never truly articulate how I desired it to be.   I know medicine well and an online presence that captured me is not in my skill set. The vibrancy and the imagery you’ve created is right in alignment with the look and feel of how I would want my website to stand out online.
If God would have said, “Tamika who you need is on the other side of the world”, I would have responded with a “….hmmmmmm!”  KP, please don’t stop creating your magic.  Continue to create the online essence us entrepreneurs have always wanted and were uncertain of how to do it.  Continue to capture who we are individually and show how are dreams will impact/transform the world.   Continue to know that without a shadow of doubt that one of your proposes here on earth is to be a beacon of hope, integrity and safety that allows us small business owners to know that there is someone else out there who is willing to walk the path with us on our journey to the ultimate success. KP you are True Rock Star.
I can say with much confidence whomever gets the opportunity to work with you, they are going to receive way more than what they paid for plus walk away with tangible results that causes them to think, “there is no question in my mind that if I had to do this over again I would race to be first in line to work with KP.”
Dr. Tamika Henry, MD, MBA

President, Unlimited Health Institute

I have had the great pleasure of working with Kathryn over many years. In particular, her accumulation of experience and success as a business strategist has been outstanding.  Kathryn is a very successful international business entrepreneur as well as a coach. It all makes perfect sense for you to put your business in the hands of Kathryn. There is no other with this type of experience, creative flair nor marketing expertise. Her business acumen is impeccable. She will ensure your business is seamless and world class.

Lizzie Wagner

CEO, The Lizzie Wagner Group

Kathryn is the answer I have been looking for and never been able to find, until now. Before Kathryn, marketing, sales, and the technology associated with all of that was confusing, frustrating, and was a source of overwhelm for me. With Kathryn all of that has dissolved and she has made it not only something I feel more comfortable working on, she has made it fun and feel totally doable. She is brilliant with all things marketing and sales and chunks it down into simple steps that would have been impossible without her guidance. Just as, if not more important, is her lovely style of being and working with clients: she is always eager to jump in and do things, be positive, helpful and sunny when things get hard. You want Kathryn to be on your team – if you are thinking of working with her – DO IT. She is the BEST resource out there and won’t let you down.

Gisele Shelley

President, The Glenbrook Group, Inc.

I worked closely with Kathryn representing information and communication technology companies for almost five years. Kathryn drove marketing, sponsorship and membership activities and demonstrated keen knowledge and insight into marketing techniques and approaches which saw membership increase along with member satisfaction. Her strategic approach to her portfolio was highly regarded by the board, executive, her colleagues and the association membership. Kathryn brings energy, innovation and a keen mind to strategy, marketing and communication. I could not recommend her more highly.

James McAdam


Kathryn has helped me remarkably with getting a website up and assisting and working with me to grow my business.

Having built her own amazing business there is very little that Kathryn doesn’t know about business strategy. She knows how to drive traffic, create brands and price ready to sell to the market.  Kathryn is an online marketing and sales whizz, and with her understanding of strategy, your business will grow and flourish.

Kathryn is such a wonderful, amazing and beautiful person, that I will always cherish.

Looking forward to keeping working with Kathryn.

Lisa Israel

CEO, Izzy's Bookkeeping

Kathryn has been a Godsend. From our first meeting, she made me feel comfortable, she’s very personable and easy to talk to. She completely understood that I have been working on my own for 10 years and the level I want to take my business to. She listened to where I’m at now, what I want to see change in my business and laid out a plan that was professional, full of integrity and absolutely perfect for me. She has walked me through every step and has gone above and beyond to make sure everything is done perfectly. She knows and understands that my top priority is to not lose myself and still be “totally me” as I get to that next level client. She keeps that in the forefront as we work together. Kathryn never gives me more tasks that I can handle a time. Her demeanor is calm, positive, professional, encouraging and friendly. I feel that she has become a staple and a friend in my business and I love that we have partnered together on this journey. Thanks you for being you, Kathryn!


Samar Hattar

President, Blissful Events

Kathryn’s razor-sharp strategic thinking, coupled with her deep expertise in marketing, make a formidable combination. She has an incredible talent for uncovering new business opportunities, and for identifying new ways to add value to existing offerings. I have worked with Kathryn in a number of capacities over the years, and have always been impressed with her ability to design innovative marketing strategies, and then to align people and organisations around her strategic vision.

Karen Jamal

CEO, KJ Communications

Kathryn is the ultimate marketing professional- having built her own amazing business there is very little that Kathryn doesn’t know about business strategy. She knows how to drive traffic, create brands and price ready to sell to the market.  Kathryn is an online marketing and sales whizz, and with her understanding of strategy, your business will grow and flourish.

Maureen Bartlett

CEO, Encore Beauty

I first met Kathryn through the Wedding Planner’s Masterclass and quickly became a huge fan. Her knowledge of  the industry combined with her vast experience as a successful entrepreneur has made her completely invaluable to my company as we continue to grow. Kathryn is hands-on and is extremely skilled in all areas that are crucial for anyone looking to start or propel the current state of their own business. From a design standpoint; she can create for you, a flawless brand that speaks directly to your ideal customer. On the operations side, she has the amazing ability to analyze the inner-workings of your organization, identify what is working and what needs to be changed, then she will take you through the step-by-step process of making those changes. I am looking forward to my continued partnership with Kathryn, as she carefully orchestrates my company’s each and every move while we work our way to the top. She is simply the BEST!

Amy McLaughlin

President, Amy McLaughlin Lifestyles

Kathryn Porritt has been nothing but a joy to work with. I look forward to our calls and appreciate all of the advise she has given me. Not only have we had productive phone meetings, she has redesigned my website to help me reach my target market. OH MY GOODNESS! My website is absolutely gorgeous!!! I am grateful I met Kathryn and grateful to be given the time to spend with her. She is an asset to me and my company! Kathryn is also helping me with creative marketing tools to generate more business. I love that she is not afraid to say exactly what I need to hear, even if it is not what I want to hear. And she calls me darling! Who wouldn’t like that? I give her the highest recommendation and would recommend her to anyone!

Mary Shannon Ratliff

President, MS Ratliff Weddings & Events

The marketing strategies conceived and executed by Kathryn were an essential foundation to achievement of massive customer growth. The result was the successful sale of eWAY to Global Payments.  As the leader of multiple successful business, Kathryn creates sustainable top line growth by focusing on developing long lived, high performing teams. Kathryn creates an environment where people can thrive and deliver repeatable results year after year.

Stuart McFarland

Chief Project Officer, eWAY

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kathryn! I loved working with her- putting together my content and talking to her was so easy…and her level of professionalism is unmatched. I am so impressed by all that she has accomplished, and it is an honor to work with her.

Elizabeth Seaton

Joint CEO, Posh Paperie

We recently had the delight of upgrading our website with Business Bravery. The transition was flawless with a quick turnaround. The new website is amazing – it’s automated our processes and rebranded us for the future to position us as the market leader in our competitive field. The growth in our business has been substantial since we started working with Kathryn. Her personal touch, professionalism and business acumen has made this a harmonious process to be involved in. Our clients comment on how stunning it looks and easy layout to use. I couldn’t recommend working with Kathryn more highly for any business owner. This is next level.

Tamara Wightman

Managing Director, Aussie Pet Resort

2 years ago I meet Kathryn when she took me in and mentored me about the wedding industry. I had goals to become a leading Graphic Designer within the industry. By having Kathryn as a one on one mentor I can honestly say that her knowledge, leadership and all her tricks of the trade has helped me and my business successfully.
She understands the hardship of a new small business starting up in such a large dynamic industry. Her guidance, support and 10 years’ experience in the business has been so surreal and incredibly powerful to learn from. I can honestly say that having her as a mentor has been the most incredible learning years. As the saying goes Knowledge is Power and you can be guaranteed to gain this from Kathryn.
Mary Jayne Lawless

Managing Director, Mezzajayne Designs

It has been my great pleasure to work with Kathryn. She has brought a rare combination of technical savvy, business acumen and heart-centered attention to my business vision. I am so grateful to have met her and feel so fortunate to have her on my team. If you are thinking about utilizing Kathryn’s services, it’s a no-brainer!
She has exceeded all of my expectations and I have no doubt she’ll do the same for you!
Dr. Malaika Woods, MD, MPH

President, Dr. Woods Wellness & The e3 Methodology

Kathryn was a dream and a pleasure to work with. She’s efficient, detail oriented, and really identifies your personal goals and the best ways to achieve them. Her one-on-one time was invaluable to our team. She really connects and cares. We’re confident that following her business plans will bring Lemon Drops to the next level of success.

Melanie Eubanks

President, Lemondrops

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