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Kathryn Porritt, 20+ years as a Business Strategist
That fire in your belly to work for yourself is getting really intense now.

It's time for you to leave your 9-5 and get out on your own... You can't wait to work for yourself and be totally free of the grind, the unrewarding competition, and the lack of autonomy....

...but you MUST have the foundations right before you make your big move.

You've been a mega-success as a corporate executive, and you don't want to throw all of those hard-won accomplishments away. The path to entrepreneurship is one you will forge well. You're a stand out. You're a corporate warrior.
BUT, starting your own business is a risk.

You're scared of failure. You're scared that your reputation will be tarnished. 
This is completely new territory and you're out of your depth for the first time in your career.


It's called the Freedom Plan and it guides you through the steps you need to take to ensure triumph is yours in this new venture.

I know. I've done it myself. I left the shackles of a corporate job and created a multi-million dollar business; and have helped so many others do the same.

It's a proven strategy that guides you to your passion, your lifestyle goals and creates a profitable lifestyle business that gives you your freedom - time, money, lifestyle... everything you ever wanted and so much more.

If you want more success, more wealth, more time, and more freedom... 
then your corporate role will never give it to you.
A freedom plan to entrepreneurship will give you everything you're longing for.

You just need to be ready to leap. You just need the right support. You just need the right plan.
This is your big chance. 
What will it take for you to take the leap and live the life of your dreams?
Kathryn Porritt, 20+ years as a Business Strategist
I've set aside some time to personally design you a custom plan to leave your 9-5 and start a profitable lifestyle business.

I'll meet with you live using Zoom or Skype and literally design a customized plan specifically for you and your business.

Once it's designed, you'll have a blueprint and a process map that you'll be able to deploy.
The button will lead you to a secure page where you can tell us more about yourself and we’ll be in touch with you very soon to discuss your strategy.
The Result was a $75m Successful Sale
The marketing strategies conceived and executed by Kathryn were an essential foundation to achievement of massive customer growth. The result was the successful sale of eWAY to Global Payments.  As the leader of multiple successful business, Kathryn creates sustainable top line growth by focusing on developing long lived, high performing teams. Kathryn creates an environment where people can thrive and deliver repeatable results year after year.

Stuart McFarland, eWAY
Razor-Sharp Strategic Thinking
Kathryn's razor-sharp strategic thinking, coupled with her deep expertise in marketing, make a formidable combination. She has an incredible talent for uncovering new business opportunities, and for identifying new ways to add value to existing offerings. I have worked with Kathryn in a number of capacities over the years, and have always been impressed with her ability to design innovative marketing strategies, and then to align people and organisations around her strategic vision. 

Karen Jamal, KJ Communications
Professionalism is Unmatched
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kathryn! I loved working with her
- putting together my content and talking to her was
so easy…and her level of professionalism is unmatched. I am so impressed by
all that she has accomplished, and it is an honor to work with her.
Elizabeth Seaton, Posh Paperie
Mastermind at Marketing & Business
I have had the great pleasure of working with Kathryn over many years. In particular, her accumulation of experience and success as a business strategist has been outstanding.  Kathryn is a very successful international business entrepreneur as well as a coach. It all makes perfect sense for you to put your business in the hands of Kathryn. There is no other with this type of experience, creative flair nor marketing expertise. Her business acumen is impeccable. She will ensure your business is seamless and world class.

Lizzie Wagner, The Lizzie Wagner Group
Totally Transformational
Kathryn is the ultimate marketing professional- having built her own amazing business there is very little that Kathryn doesn’t know about business strategy. She knows how to drive traffic, create brands and price ready to sell to the market.  Kathryn is an online marketing and sales whizz, and with her understanding of strategy, your business will grow and flourish.
Maureen Bartlett, Encore Beauty
Substantial Growth
We recently had the delight of upgrading our website with Business Bravery. The transition was flawless with a quick turnaround. The new website is amazing – it’s automated our processes and rebranded us for the future to position us as the market leader in our competitive field. The growth in our business has been substantial since we started working with Kathryn. Her personal touch, professionalism and business acumen has made this a harmonious process to be involved in. Our clients comment on how stunning it looks and easy layout to use. I couldn’t recommend working with Kathryn more highly for any business owner. This is next level.
Tamara Wightman, Aussie Pet Resort
Loved by the Board
I worked closely with Kathryn representing information and communication technology companies for almost five years. Kathryn drove marketing, sponsorship and membership activities and demonstrated keen knowledge and insight into marketing techniques and approaches which saw membership increase along with member satisfaction. Her strategic approach to her portfolio was highly regarded by the board, executive, her colleagues and the association membership. Kathryn brings energy, innovation and a keen mind to strategy, marketing and communication. I could not recommend her more highly.
James McAdam, Lobbyist
The button will lead you to a secure page where you can tell us more about yourself and we’ll be in touch with you very soon to discuss your strategy.
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