Full Service Marketing Management



As an entrepreneur, you want to focus on your core business – delivering to your clients, being the talent in your business – not being the Chief Marketing Officer.

Business Bravery understands this, and our Marketing Management service, allows you to thrive in your business as CEO while we take care of your marketing.

Our high performance clients don’t want to worry about managing a Marketing team — publicity, sales funnels, websites, online marketing, Facebook ads, SEO, social media — every piece of the marketing puzzle takes time, energy, focus and money to manage. Instead, they want to focus on client delivery, leadership and being the talent in their business (author, speaker, authority figure).

This is when Business Bravery Marketing Management steps in.

We manage every piece of your marketing for you – so you can focus on the things that matter to you — knowing that your online and offline marketing efforts are being handled by a team of the best marketers around who understand your business from the ground up.


Dr. Tracy Thomas


Because I want to be the best, I work with the best…who else would I ever want to work with?….this is my one life and the people who need me, this is their one life as well…

For years I described exactly what I wanted in a marketing agency and then I also described exactly what my vision was and what I needed to make it happen, to every other marketing agency who only delivered a shadow of what I asked from them….

When I knew it was time to shift away from a marketing company who wasn’t delivering to our standards and to seek out the most capable marketing experts I could find, I knew I would settle for nothing less than what myself, my company, and my clients deserved, because we all deserve to have it be really easy to get the help that we need when we need it.

That is what a brilliant marketing capacity does….it connects people who are the right fit for each other and what could be greater than that?

For all of these reasons, it has been a vision come to life to have The Business Bravery Team as one of the most valuable assets we’ve ever cultivated in our company. For months now we’ve gotten to cultivate more assets with The BB Team and the assets keep getting better and better as this is a true partnership of people who care about people…

To be a client of Kathryn and her team is to be living an elevated life, which is the exact thing I provide for my clients at drtracyinc.com (a website we all created together in a matter of months).. We must be elevated and work with people who can elevate us, in order to be able to elevate others…. and that starts with the people we collaborate with.

So if you want the best for your clients the way I do, then it’s about having the best team besides you to support not only you and your goals, but more importantly, your clients’ goals..this is the point after all. It is our clients who need us to do whatever we need to do to get connected with them and every time that happens I am always so glad I did whatever it took to make that happen because I imagine the person’s life if we’d never got connected and it isn’t pretty…

Just like I do, Kathryn and her team know that their clients’ success IS their success, and when you have things in that order, everything can be as successful as you want it to be. Anyone doubting you, especially you, is bringing that to your clients and they will doubt themselves too and never get the full extent of the results they are truly capable of. It takes people who believe in your vision as much or even more than you do…and that is what I’ve experienced as a client of Kathryn and her team.

We are on the same wavelength, we are speaking the same language and that language is the language of success that is guaranteed, when you work with people who are the top experts in their field. If you want to be the top expert in your field, learn from the best experts in their field and give yourself the gift of living your own potential, because with The BB Team, everything you want to create is possible.


Marketing Management

Just like our other programs and services, Business Bravery Marketing Management is driven by a passion to support ambitious entrepreneurs to achieve their aims. Dream big, and let’s step our way towards that Masterplan together.


The Business Bravery Marketing Management service is different. We’re here to support you to reach your goals, creating a strategic partnership that allows you to focus on your core competencies, while we take care of your marketing management. We treat your business as though it is our own, and become true partners in your growth.


We start by creating a strategic plan for your business, and agree on a Marketing Plan to hit your goals. The Business Bravery team implements the marketing strategy for you, and you meet twice a month with us to assess the analytics, results, direction and opportunities. You have VIP access to the team to implement and manage your marketing.

What do we do?

Most entrepreneurs cannot afford to invest in a full team of Marketers, nor do they have the bandwidth to manage them. Investing in the Business Bravery Marketing Management service means you have access to our highly skilled marketing professionals across the core disciplines needed to grow your business:

all taken care of...

> Facebook Ad Management
> Social Media Management
> SEO Management
> Marketing Content
> Publicity Management
> Sales Funnel Strategy + Optimization
> Website Optimization
> PPC (Google Ad) Management
> Graphic Design
> Copywriting Services

managed directly by kathryn porritt

All driven by and managed under the strategic direction of Kathryn Porritt, a highly-skilled business and marketing strategist, and CEO of Business Bravery.


Kathryn Porritt   

I’m Kathryn Porritt, the strategist to entrepreneurs all over the world looking to create $100k offers and grow their business to be the very best in their niche.

What I generally find with our Marketing Management clients is that they have been let down by those they’ve worked with in the past. They either get a few pieces of a 1000 piece puzzle, or they have a strategy executed that simply doesn’t resonate with their big goals.

My brilliance is seeing your brilliance – where you want to be and more – and then creating a strategy for you to achieve this. Then, I work with my team to actually bring this to life for you.

This means, you can relax knowing that your marketing is in very safe hands. We know every detail of what’s going on. We take care of it from A-Z and we take the health of your results as personally as you do.

I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve started and grown multi-million dollar businesses. I’ve invested in strategies that didn’t work. I’ve been anxious about my next investment and whether it was right for me.

I can take that worry away. I’m a true partner in your business. We link arms to get extraordinary results. Let’s talk and see whether we’re a great fit.