Stop Selling Yourself Short.

Go Bigger.
More Brilliant.

Sell Your Offers for $100K

YOU'RE READY TO MOVE TO $100k offers + massive impact

You’re brilliant at what you do. So, why sell your best work for $2k? Even $20k?

Here’s the thing: it’s actually just as much work to sell a Premium Offer than it is to sell a $47 offer.

You still need strategy, marketing and sales either way — but if you’re not keen on the idea of getting on FB lives and running around being “visible” on social media every second of the day, then there is a better way.

Selling your best work at a premium price is completely do-able for you.

We prove it all the time. Ourselves and with our clients.

Take that brilliance, and the work you’ve created and re-package it, then sell it at a premium price – what YOU are WORTH.

Stop faffing around with the small stuff. Start playing in the big leagues where you belong.

When you’re ready to move to speaking, media, creating a global brand and working with your clients at a deeply transformative level, it’s time for you to speak with our Premium Offer Strategist.

I would say absolutely without a doubt talk with Business Bravery. If you’re here at all, this is a sign that you are a good fit.  Really hear what they have to say. What they do is absolutely worth every cent that you put in and you’re going to get more than that out.  They have an awareness and perspective of the high end market to confidently guide people and say, yeah, just go. Stop overthinking it. Stop making it harder than it needs to be. Just do this. And what they do is just invaluable. Really.




Moving to a Premium Offer Suite is very different to a standard offer. Most of the “Gurus” are selling courses, programs and Masterminds for “High Ticket Offers” that are actually the mid-tier offers in our product suite.

Becoming the #1 brand in your space allows you to develop a suite of products and services so you can concurrently serve a broader audience, and go much deeper with a small subset of your audience to achieve masterful transformation.

You attract and convert clients at a much higher level, allowing you to serve more deeply, create greater impact and charge much more for your time. It is our aim for you to spend your time primarily in two areas: deep impact for premium clients, and broad impact with media, speaking opportunities, partnerships and in your community, while developing systems and a team to handle the other deliverables. In our experience, this gives you immense freedom and joy in your business.

Working with Business Bravery is an entirely different experience than anything you will have experienced before.

We are not only the premium business, branding and marketing strategists for entrepreneurs, we also have a full boutique marketing agency of specialists to bring your branding, website, sales funnels, and marketing to life for you, when you’re ready to work with us at the Marketing Management level. You no longer need to worry about learning how to build your sales funnels, write conversion copy or integrate your calendar to your social media offers. You’re in a new realm where you have a team of specialists to do this for you based on a well researched and thought out bespoke strategy.

What I love about Kathryn is that she asked, why can’t you go after your big dream? And it’s not just still a fun dream, it’s, here’s how we’re getting there. And it just keeps getting more realistic, and I’m seeing the dream literally come to fruition.

How It Works

We will work together to develop your Premium Offer Suite — this generally includes an offer of $50k+ at the top end, an offer at $8-$15k in the mid-tier and a passive offer at the lower tier. You create your offers (with our help and guidance), and create the case studies that will underpin your premium offer marketing.

Once launched, you will follow our Intentional Marketing System while you bed in the new strategy and develop your brand and team.

You may choose to work 1:1 with our Premium Offer Strategist or in an intimate group with other extraordinary entrepreneurs.

You may also choose to have the Business Bravery team run your entire marketing suite for you under our Marketing Management service, where all of your marketing (content, SEO, advertising, publicity, email automation, social media and speaking management) is taken care for you.

This is next level. And, we invite you to create your own Premium Offers as you become the #1 brand in your niche.


In our experience, the ability to charge more for your services, comes with greater joy.  Your clients get deeper transformations and outcomes (because you can afford to spend more time servicing them) and you can also invest in systems, processes and staff to help you deliver the pieces of your business that you don’t specialize in.


By moving to a Premium Offer suite, you can also achieve immense impact.  By focusing on speaking opportunities, media engagements, joint venture partnerships with like-minded businesses, you can build a brand that has a much wider impact that you ever thought possible.

I was going to be going down a path of releasing a webinar and charging $2k or $5k, because everybody else does that. But thankfully Business Bravery came into my business right before I was about to launch. I have raised my rates exponentially. I have attracted more high quality thought leaders who are ready to invest in their brand. It’s not about cost for them. This has expanded me, it’s now fulfilled me at a deeper level, and my clients are also getting better results. So I will praise to the highest heavens, my gratitude and appreciation for your vision in me and helping me see beyond what I thought I had to do because everybody else was doing it.




Kathryn Porritt   

Most entrepreneurs reach a moment in their business where they want more.  They want more impact.  They want to work with clients who they truly adore.  They want to be valued at a much higher level.

If you’re in that position at the moment, and you are absolutely confident in your abilty to create change in your niche, we should speak.

Our Premium Offer program means you can transform your business from having some impact to having incredible, defining impact.

If you dream of speaking on stage, being the media darling of your niiche, working exclusively with high impact clients who pay you at the highest level, then you absolutely should think Premium Offers.

Don’t worry that you don’t know how to find people to pay you that price.

Don’t worry that you won’t be able to find the time to change your offer suite.

Don’t worry about what you will put in your offers to make them worth that much.

Don’t worry that you’re scared of taking the leap.

We’ll see your brilliance.  We’ll strategize your next steps.  We’ll do the marketing work for you.

This is next level.  You’re worth the next level.

Take the leap.  Let’s speak.

Kathryn xo