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Kathryn Porritt
Creator, Pretty + Profits
Most of the online business "Gurus" out there have brands that are masculine, tough and "shouty"... and I'm not that type.

I love feminine styling, pretty details and gorgeous design.

And I know that you can still get a profitable result with a pretty aesthetic. If you plan your online in the right way.

I founded and grew a multi-million dollar online business and was one of the first women to lead the charge in the ecommerce space. I was often on "entrepreneur" lists and frequently stood out as one of the only success stories in the lifestyle categories. Amongst financial, real estate, and software businesses... here was this woman with a fast-growing online lifestyle business.

When I sold that business, I wanted to help other entrepreneurs to find a way to create profits without losing their "prettiness". And, I'm not talking about personal beauty here - I mean, being true to your brand aesthetic. Not compromising on who you are at your core.  

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Here's a little story for you...
When I started my first business, I had NO CLUE that pretty and profits were not meant to mix.  I was naive (thankfully) to most of the advice out there about being shouty, masculine and "brave" as an entrepreneur.

My role models were Martha Stewart, Vera Wang and Nigella Lawson.  It didn't occur to me to be conventional or change "me."

Thankfully, I was naive.  Thankfully, I instinctively knew that the brand that would resonate with my market was one that was pretty and filled with passion.  And, it was why it became a multi-million dollar business.

Since I sold that business, I have gone on to help thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world in industries such as weddings, interior design, fashion, beauty, coaching, food, health and retail to understand their brand, create a core message, launch their online and grow their impact. 

I'm a brand strategist, website designer, conversion optimization specialist, digital marketer and all-round nice person, who wants nothing more than your success - in an authentic way.

I want you to know that you CAN create a pretty + profitable business. There are plenty of examples. Staying true to you, having integrity with your aesthetic and brand proposition, and bringing it to life in a strategic way that actually sells is how I can help you. I have worked with some of the most exquisite brands around to bring their online environment to life - let's explore how you can do this too.

The Pretty + Profits Online Roadmap is the exact strategy I use with my clients to help them develop their businesses - going from blah to beautiful and bountiful.

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© 2019 Kathryn Porritt | All Rights Reserved
© 2019 Kathryn Porritt | All Rights Reserved