Private Strategy

Working exclusively with kathryn porritt on your personal brand strategy.


Only for an elite few

Kathryn Porritt works with a select few private clients to support them with their Luxury Personal Brand.  More extensive in support than our Personal Brand Representation, Kathryn’s private clients receive personalized attention from Kathryn all year round.

Kathryn prefers to work with clients who are on their way to exiting their company or who have just exited and are looking to create their legacy personal brand with potent impact.

Every one of Kathryn’s strategies are bespoke. With her customized approach to creating personal brands and monetizing expertise, not one of Kathryn’s clients have the same business model.

Kathryn’s approach is to start BIG, hypertargeting your ideal clients for deep impact and big margins, and then leverage that authority to create a range of impact and passive income.

When you work directly with Kathryn as a private client, she creates a personalized strategy for you and coaches you to your goals.


Play in the big leagues

"KATHRYN IS the best marketing mind that I have ever worked with in 25 years of running businesses."

Eric Lochtefeld, Bliss Champions

Your Big Dreams

As a Private Coaching client, Kathryn will meet with you weekly for 46 weeks of the year to hone your offers, messaging, create your personalized business strategy and help you to create a personal brand of note.

Coaching you on speaking, media, business strategy, marketing and sales, Kathryn becomes a true partner in your business.

Access to Kathryn on a private Slack channel gives you the opportunity to quickly get advice and support as needed.

When travel is permitted, Kathryn will spend a full VIP day in person with you to create your strategy and pathway to growth. If this is not possible, the VIP day can be used instead as two virtual intensives scheduled throughout the year as needed to achieve the best results.

Kathryn is currently working with clients who are successfully selling Premium and Ultra-Premium offers in many niches; creating extraordinary impact and financial freedom.


Not only will you work with Kathryn with private coaching, she will also personally oversee your complete branding transformation and ongoing publicity, speaking and hypertargeting efforts:

> Strategic Planning 1:1 with Kathryn
> Publicity representation worldwide
> Speaker management worldwide
> Media training and coaching
> Sales Funnel Design, Copy & Management
> Website & Brand Creation
> Media & Speaking training and coaching
> Launch Strategy and Management
> Editorial Strategy + Development
> Hypertargeting Strategy + Management

The 1% of the 1%

"I look for the 1% of the 1%. The truly rare mind that can combine the keenest business acumen — all that goes in to building and selling 8-figure businesses, for instance — with a real understanding of what it means to consult a truly luxury business that is bent on extreme innovation, and stay the course with us through all the challenges that entails. No one but Kathryn has that skill set. "

Lorna J, Luxe Godhead


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