As a luxury wedding planner, Samar Hattar had already achieved a business that was humming along.  But, she wanted more.  She knew that attracting a different audience would elevate her business to a different place, and to do that, she embarked on a rebranding project. 


In this episode of the Business Bravery Show, we are exploring marketing, sales, and business strategies to achieve your ideal lifestyle. Remember, you define success in business. It is not dictated.

Kathryn is excited to welcome Samar Hattar, owner of Blissful Events. Samar is one of the most sought after luxury destination wedding planners in the world based in the beautiful wine country of California. She is an extraordinary businesswoman and excels at visibility, Facebook, and social media, growing her brand to an international audience.

Listen in as Samar speaks to us about how she took her business from good to exceptional and all the pain points she went through on her journey. No matter what business you are in, she is speaking to you. She wants to teach you how to transform your business, your positioning, your pricing, and your offer to attract your ideal clients. You won’t want to miss all the nuggets of information that Samar gives, so sit back, plugin, and get ready for Samar.



[02:58] Samar tells us that when she first started her business, she felt like she just needed to get a client.
[03:15] She thought it was only my time, but she finally realized that her time is valuable.
[04:15] For each of her weddings, she is spending 200 work hours.
[05:57] Now she is charging 15 to 20 thousand for each wedding.
[07:05] Samar says that by the time she has a conversation with the client, they are already to hire her.
[09:20] If you take what you are charging by the real hours you are spending on the job, you will be surprised at how little you are making. Have you ever done this exercise?
[11:47] Is working more important than your family? Do you need to reevaluate your time spent on both?
[14:52] Samar started from scratch with a new logo, new website, and updated social media when she raised her prices, she made them look high end like the prices she was charging.
[17:32] When she started her business, she wanted to go global, but she didn’t know how to create it or verbalize it.
[19:20] Kathryn says we don’t have to change what we are selling, just how we are selling it.
[20:45] Samar clients tell her that she is fun to work with.
[22:16] She speaks about waking up one day and saying, “today is the day I start my business.”
[23:48] It took Kathryn believing in her to give her the confidence to grow her business.
[25:20] How did you feel when you asked for the high ticket price the first time?
[29:00] Did it get more comfortable to ask for the high ticket price? Do you feel like you are charging what you are worth now?
[32:30] It’s about educating the client on what their vision will cost, it’s about the quality and value.
[35:05] You have to increase the value of what you are offering to compete with the rates that discount services and stores are offering.
[36:31] People want to have something that looks better than someone else’s did.
[38:30] You can’t put a price on the feeling of the exchanged of vows, the palpable love, and the memories that are created, it is priceless.
[39:30] It’s not sleazy to sell a package that helps people transform their lives; people need to get over that mindset.

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