When it comes to launching a coaching business from scratch, the key is to find your ideal target market, quickly create authority and get visible, as quickly as possible.  In the first episode of Business Bravery Live: the podcast, Kathryn Porritt talks to Christiane Fullalove about the ultimate business coaching launch, and her unique philosophy to business growth.

christiane fullalove, transformational business coach

Christiane is the owner of The Pioneer Project, she is a Transformational Life Coach, and she can transform entrepreneurs from being just good to absolutely extraordinary. She believes that a raw connection to authenticity is what produces results, and she wants her clients to see the authenticity in her.

Listen in for some great information from these two powerful businesswomen. They discuss the stepping stones to build a strong foundation and trust. They speak on procrastination and perfection and how these two things can affect how you grow your business. You can’t build a business without showing up every day and having integrity.

If you are thinking about starting a business or already have a business, but it just isn’t where you want it to be, you won’t want to miss this conversation. So kick off your shoes, plugin, and get ready to learn.



[03:20] Christiane talks about how she found Kathryn.
[04:30] She talks about wanting to a business that would give her the life that she wanted.
[05:25] Christiane talks about how Kathryn helped her silence the noise in her head, the doubts and fears about this new business venture.
[06:45] They talk about pressing play on the business and how Kathryn took care of all of the stuff on the back end.
[07:36] Christiane says the only thing missing was her moving her attitude from I’m starting a business to I have a successful business.
[08:17] She recalls that she chose a date to change her attitude and started, and it happened to be on January 1st.
[09:05] Her business started snowballing, and she decided to follow everything that Kathryn told her to do.
[10:55] Christiane says you have to be aware of where you put your attention, you want to focus on what you can learn from what you have now.
[11:47] Take a freeze frame picture; everything in that picture is there to teach you something to take you to the next step.
[12:11] Build your future step by step by step.
[13:28] How did you learn to trust someone you don’t know and who lives halfway around the world?
[16:25] When you believe, people get to shine.
[18:07] How do you get over perfectionism and procrastination?
[19:25] If you want to keep growing, then perfectionism isn’t for you, it’s nonsense.
[21:32] Procrastination is taking the responsibility from yourself and giving it to any person or thing that will take it off your hands.
[24:25] Turning up even when you feel bad is what will get you what you want.
[27:23] Do you show up? Do you have integrity?
[31:30] Do not miss the baby steps; you need them to build a strong foundation.
[33:32] Do you ever feel like you are not good enough? Do you have imposter syndrome?
[36:25] Christiane says she doesn’t produce incremental changes with her clients; she provides transformational shifts.
[40:15] You will hit walls if you want to grow. If you don’t break through the barriers, you won’t grow.
[42:30] If you join their masterminds, they are your team, they will hold your hand and get you through whatever you are going through.
[43:20] Christiane’s final thoughts.

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