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your $100k offer: how to think big and charge more (without working harder)

Whenever I speak with business owners about their offer, and suggest they think about a $100k offer, the face I get is extraordinary.  There’s a tilt of the head.  There’s a crinkle of the nose.  There’s a wrinkle of the forehead.  Frequently, there’s a mouth gaping open.


You’re right.  

You can’t charge $100k for a program if you have that attitude.  Being brave enough to charge $100k or more for an offer takes a load of confidence in your ability to get an extraordinary outcome.  And, if you start with the premise that you’re not experienced enough, not talented enough, not worthy enough… well, then, you won’t be able to succeed.

But, if you come at this from an entirely different place, I tell you, you can do this.

If you can create an extraordinary transformation for your clients… If you can give a deep enough level of service to your clients… If you can dream big enough to impact at enormous heights… 

… then, you can offer and convert $100k + programs to your clients.  You can discover how to create your $100k offer here.  And, today, we’re going to start with foundations, which you must nail first.

Want to know how?  


1. develop authority

In order to sell $100k offers to your clients, you must start with authority.  The market must see you as the leader in your space, as someone who gets incredible results and has the aura of the divine around them.  Your level of authority needs to be incredibly high, and to achieve this, you need to do the following:

1. You need to be seen as the #1 brand in your space.  And, to become that leader, you need media coverage, speaking gigs, and to be seen as the “go to” person to speak about your chosen topic.

2.  You need amazing case studies and social proof.  You need to be seen as someone who attracts high level clients (that your market looks up to) and that they’re singing your praises for getting outstanding results.

3.  Your branding needs to be spot on.  No wishy washy logos and watered down content.  You need to invest in high quality content and beautifully resonating branding.  Your online presence needs to be spot on – so that your market will see you across your platforms and see the congruence of message no matter where they find you or search for you. 

It’s the people in the volume game who will tell you that you don’t need to invest in brand.  You see the gurus out there saying, “you don’t need a website even to attract high ticket clients.”  It’s poppycock.  They’re selling you rubbish. 

Or more to the point, they’re selling you a program that teaches you how to sell $8k programs. Not $100k offers.  There is a BIG distinction.

To attract premium clients at the $100k offer level or more, you MUST have clear branding, beautiful online presence and your messaging needs to be spot on at every turn.


To attract & convert premium clients at the $100k+ level, you must have crystal clear positioning, messaging and branding across all of your platforms.

Your $100k Offer

2. relatability

Your audience MUST relate to you in order to purchase from you.  The trust that you build by relating to your ideal audience is priceless.  What I mean here is that you need to be very clear about your ideal target market, what resonates with them, and meet them at their level.

Here’s the big trick.  You need to be ahead of your audience, but your audience needs to be able to see themselves working with you in order to get on a call with you or even look at your offer.

So, to do this, there are some major steps you will need to take.

1.  Ensure your audience can see themselves on your website, branding, social media and in other touch points.  What I mean by this is, you need to ensure that you choose imagery that represents your market.  I don’t know how many times I talk to people who say they want to work with a certain type of person, and I look at their website and see nothing that represents that person.  Fix it, now.

2.  Your audience needs to believe they can do it.  They can get the same results you are talking about achieving.  Unlike the case studies in the authority section, you also need social proof from people who are at the level your audience can resonate with right now.  So, they believe they can do it too.  This kind of social proof is sooooo important.

3.  You need to be likeable to your audience.  They need to want what you have.  They need to want to occupy the same space as you.  They need to want to be with you.  Being a great person can never be underestimated in the world of selling anything at a high level (well, any level really).


3. visibility

Those who are coaching in the lower end of the market are talking a whole different type of visibility to the kind of visibility I’m talking about here if you want to sell $100k+ offers.

The kind of visibility I’m talking about is authority building.  It’s big press.  It’s speaking engagements.  It’s writing a book.  It’s being published in trusted publications.  It’s being sought after at networking events.

It’s got almost nothing to do with how many Facebook Lives you can do, or how many posts you put on Instagram.

Social media is so important, but this is next level intentional marketing we are talking about here (which is a post for another day), and you need to intentionally invest your time, energy and money into becoming the “go to” person to speak on your signature topics.  Be the media sweetheart.  The darling of the speaking circuit.  The person who knows the most about, and speaks about a topic with depth, conviction and knowledge.

At this level, you need to be working with a team behind you.  At Business Bravery, we represent some of the leading names in many industries, and we have a full done for you marketing management service that ticks every box you need.  That’s the kind of representation you’re looking for at the $100k+ offer end of town.


If you can tick the boxes above, then you can go ahead and create your $100k offer.   Think big, stretch yourself to come up with deeply transformative offers that give a high level of service to your clients.

If you’d like to brainstorm your $100k offer with a team that does this every day with clients around the world (i.e. you can DO this!), we’d love to offer you a Scale Call to with a Business Bravery specialist. They are on hand to help you decide the best way for you to scale your business based on your goals, business model, target market and your unique positioning! 

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If you’re damn sure you get extraordinary transformations for your clients and you’re ready for MORE, you CAN create $100k offers.  The attraction method for $100k Offers is very different to the mainstream marketing you’ve probably seen offered on Facebook ads and webinars, and we help our clients become the #1 brands in their niche and create $100k offers with our Premium Offer Suite and our Intentional Marketing System.   

With our system, you attract and covert clients at a much higher level, allowing you to serve more deeply, create greater impact and charge much more for your time. It is our aim for you to spend your time primarily in two areas: deep impact with premium clients, and broad impact with media, speaking opportunities, partnerships and in your community, while developing systems and a team to handle the other deliverables. In our experience, this gives you immense freedom and joy in your business.

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$100k Offer

If you can create an extraordinary transformation for your clients… If you can give a deep enough level of service to your clients… If you can dream big enough to impact at enormous heights… then, you can offer and convert $100k + programs to your clients. Want to know how?

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$100k offer
$100k Offer

If you can create an extraordinary transformation for your clients… If you can give a deep enough level of service to your clients… If you can dream big enough to impact at enormous heights… then, you can offer and convert $100k + programs to your clients. Want to know how?

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